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2. Demon Hauntings

2. Demon Hauntings
Demons are entities that never had a mortal human form. Origins: Extraterrestrial. Why? If you believe that God and his angels are from the 'heavens', that would make them extraterrestrial. If Satan and 1/3 of the angels rebelled against God's Kingdom, then Satan and 1/3 of the angels that became demons are also extraterrestrial. That is why they never had mortal human form. Einstein said that E = MC2. Energy can be converted into matter and matter into energy. Demons are pure energy entities. They are described in three different ways.
1. As angelic, a being of beauty that will manipulate the person to commit something that is sinful or out of the ordinary.
2. Horrific, evil looking. Some people claim, they have seen demons that are incredibly hideous to look at. I believe demons do this for a scare effect, they know what we fear and this is not their true appearance.
3. Black mist, black fog, black shadow, black smoke. Most demonic hauntings, the occupants claim to be followed by black mist or black fog.
Demons can travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong in a blink of an eye. The demons main purpose is to cause chaos and havoc upon mankind. Demons are deceivers and they manipulate our society towards social upheaval. Demons seek out our destruction. Demon cases are extremely rare. To handle demonic cases, it is essential that a blessing of the purest kind is conducted on the person or home. Consult your clergyman, priest or Demonologist.

The Six Types of Paranormal Hauntings

Over the next day I'm going to make several blog post covering the various types of hauntings that occur.
I'll start of in this post with Residual Haunting.

1.Residual haunting activity can occur when something traumatic/stressful occurs, such as a murder or a rape. Negative energy is literally blasted into the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to imprint or record the events. Like a recording tape, it will play the events over and over again. The entities involved in this residual haunting activity are unaware of their surroundings. This is not an intelligent haunting, there is no interaction between you and the entity.
Residual haunting activity can also be caused by positive energy blasted into the atmosphere. Many times you have heard ghost stories, where people can hear the sounds of a party. They hear music, singing, dancing, laughter and when they enter the room where they hear the party, there is no one there. Residual haunting activity can be the specters of living beings.

Case example: Woman who faces domestic violence from her husband
The husband and wife move out of the apartment and the new renters see residual haunting activity in which the previous owners are involved in a domestic dispute, they appear to be specters. The new renters are able to identify the faces of the specters. When they go to a neighborhood barbecue, they see a neighborhood get-together photograph and identify a man and woman as being the specters they see in their apartment. They discover that their specters are still living, but are now divorced. Their specters were the previous renters who were always quarreling in that apartment.
Residual haunting activity can be caused by agitated nervousness, such as a new politician that is nervous about talking in front of a crowd of people. The speech by this politician is played back over and over again as a residual haunting effect.


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Gettysburg Ghosts

Even though the reality of this video becomes quite obvious to me towards the end of this video, the terms "Gettysburg" and "Ghost" always intrigues me. :D

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Thirsty Grandfather Ghost

My grandparents lived in an extremely old house in Northwestern Pennsylvania, about a half mile away from the New York border. As they began getting on in their years, I traveled many miles to stay with them. I would help tend their many acres of land, paint the house, clean (or explore) the barn and do whatever other odd jobs that needed to be done.
The room I stayed in was downstairs directly below their room. Every night at 3:00 a.m., my grandfather would get up, make his way down the old stairs and into the kitchen to get something to drink. The house is so old that everything creaks and groans, so I knew exactly at which point of the house my grandfather was in. I got so accustomed to his nightly rituals that I began waking up at 2:50-3:00 a.m. This has stayed with me to this day.
Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away a couple years later in 2007. My grandmother soon became very sick and was put in the hospital for a few months. I offered to house-sit for her and she was very grateful.
The first night of my visit, I awoke out of a sound sleep. I checked the clock; it was 2:55 a.m. As I lay there, trying to go back to sleep, I heard a familiar sound: movement coming from upstairs. After a minute, it was clear the sound was footsteps. Panic shot through my body and I froze with fear. The footsteps moved from directly above me to the stairs -- but that's when they stopped.
I lay there for about 45 minutes, trying to discern what exactly was going on. The only thing that made sense was that there was a burglar. I jumped from the bed and peered out my door. Everything was dark and silent. I flipped on the nearest light switch and blinked back the darkness. Everything was as it should have been. I crept to the stairs and cautiously made my way up them. When I got to the landing, to my astonishment, the door to my grandparents' room was wide open and every lamp in the room was on! The floor lamp, the bedside table lamp, the two lamps on either side of the dresser, and all four bulbs on the ceiling fan were lit up -- even though two of the bulbs were burnt out earlier in the day!
I bolted back down the stairs and into the comfort of my own room. As I stood there panting and gathering my wits, that old familiar creaking of floorboards started once again above my head. This time, I fled from the house without further investigation and drove in a dazed frenzy all the way back to my own home! When I told my parents and relatives of my adventure, nobody wanted to take on the responsibility of house-sitting, so the house stood vacant for many months. My grandmother soon passed away and my two uncles decided to level the house.
There are now new log cabins on the property. I wonder if anyone has experienced any strange phenomena since then.


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At The Mountains of Madness Excerpt

"November 21 over the lofty shelf ice, with vast peaks rising on the west, and the unfathomed silences echoing to the sound of our engines... between Latitudes 83° and 84°, we knew we had reached Beardmore Glacier, the largest valley glacier in the world, and that the frozen sea was now giving place to a frowning and mountainous coast-line. At last we were truly entering the white, aeon-dead world of the ultimate south, and even as we realised it we saw the peak of Mt. Nansen in the eastern distance, towering up to its height of almost 15,000 feet"....H.P. Lovecraft from "At The Mountains of Madness"

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Axolotl eats snail

Here's a nice short Axolotl feeding video, nice and creepy creature. :D

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I'm pretty sure most of you read firefox and first think of the web browser, but did you know that there is actually an animal called the firefox? The Firefox aslso known as the red panda is a small arboreal mammal and the only species of the genus Ailurus. Slightly larger than a domestic cat, it has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs. It eats mainly bamboo, but is omnivorous and may also eat eggs, birds, insects, and small mammals. It is a solitary animal, mainly active from dusk to dawn, and is largely sedentary during the day.


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Japanese Weird

This definitely falls under the weird catergory, rather than the paranormal today.

About 20 percent of Japan's adult-video market is now "elder porn" with each production featuring one or more studly seniors and Shigeo Tokuda, 76, among the most popular. He told Toronto's Globe and Mail in October that he still "performs" physically "without Viagra," in at least one role a month opposite much younger women. His wife and adult daughter learned only two years ago, by accident, of his late-onset career (which began at age 60 when a filmmaker hired him for his "pervert's face"). Tokuda figures the "elder porn" genre will grow with Japan's increasing senior population.


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Poll Time!

I want to know what you guys think about the new series on AMC, "The Walking Dead".

The Walking Dead tells the story of the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse; it follows a small group of survivors traveling across the desolate United States in search of a new home away from the shuffling hordes of the undead. The group is led by Rick Grimes, who was a King County, Georgia, sheriff's deputy in the old world. As their situation grows more and more grim, the group's desperation to survive pushes them to the brink of insanity. At every turn they are faced with unspeakable horrors, both from those who are dead, and from the scattered remains of a struggling human populace.

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Thought I'd Start The Day Off With A Little Fewdio

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Yog Sothoth


Yog-Sothoth (nickname: the All-in-One) is a fictional character, an Outer God from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
Yog-Sothoth has several different avatars:

  • Aformorgon
  • The Dweller on the Threshold
  • Tawil-at-U'mr


"Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread." -- H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror
"Imagination called up the shocking form of fabulous Yog-Sothoth - only a congeries of iridescent globes, yet stupendous in its malign suggestiveness." -- H.P. Lovecraft, The Horror in the Museum
"It was an All-in-One and One-in-All of limitless being and self - not merely a thing of one Space-Time continuum, but allied to the ultimate animating essence of existence's whole unbounded sweep � the last, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and mathematics alike. It was perhaps that which certain secret cults of earth have whispered of as YOG-SOTHOTH, and which has been a deity under other names; that which the crustaceans of worship as the Beyond-One, and which the vaporous brains of the spiral nebulae know by an untranslatable Sign..." -- H.P. Lovecraft, Through the Gates of the Silver Key

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1. The Myrtles Plantation

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, this stately old home on Myrtles Plantation is said to be haunted be several restless ghosts. Some researchers say as many as ten murders have been committed there, but others, such as Troy Taylor and David Wisehart, have only been able to confirm one murder at Myrtles. (Those two authors provide a very good history of the house in their article, The Legends, Lore & Lies of The Myrtles Plantation). Even they agree, however, that the place is seriously haunted and easily qualifies as one of the "most haunted." These are some of the ghosts that allegedly haunt the house:

  • Cleo – a former slave who was allegedly hung on the premises for killing two little girls. (Those murders and even the existence of Cleo are in question.)
  • The ghosts of the two murdered children have been seen playing on the veranda.
  • William Drew Winter – an attorney who lived at Myrtles from 1860 to 1871. He was shot on the side porch of the house by a stranger. With his life's blood pouring from his body, Winter staggered into the house and began to climb the stairs to the second floor... but didn't make it. He collapsed and died on the 17th step. It is his last dying footsteps that can still be heard on the staircase to this day. (Winter's murder is the only one that has been verified.)
  • The ghosts of other slaves allegedly occasionally show up to ask if they can do any chores.
  • The grand piano has often been heard to play by itself, repeating one haunting chord.
Now a bed and breakfast, The Myrtles Plantation has opened its doors to guests who often report disturbances in the night. My colleague, Stacey Jones, founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters, reports on her stay there:
"It was a spectacular place to stay, if you keep an open mind. While taking the guided tour, I saw what looked like a heavyset African-American woman wearing an apron walk by the door, on the porch. Thinking it was a worker in period dress, I peeked out and no one was there. We stayed in the children's bedroom, and my best-friend (who was a non-believer at the time) experienced quite a bit of paranormal phenomena. She was held down in the bed and constantly poked all night. She was unable to move or cry out for help. She didn't think the stay was as great as I did. They let you ghost hunt on the grounds whenever you like, but you can't ghost hunt in the main house without an escort. I suggest setting up a video camera in your room and bring a tape recorder to obtain EVP."


2. The Tower of London

The Tower of London, one of the most famous and well-preserved historical buildings in the world, may also be one of the most haunted. This is due, no doubt, to the scores of executions, murders and tortures that have taken place within its walls over the last 1,000 years. Dozens upon dozens of ghost sightings have been reported in and around the Tower. On one winter day in 1957 at 3 a.m., a guard was disturbed by something striking the top of his guardhouse. When he stepped outside to investigate, he saw a shapeless white figure on top of the tower. It was then realized that on that very same date, February 12, Lady Jane Grey was beheaded in 1554. Perhaps the most well-known ghostly resident of the Tower is the spirit of Ann Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII, who was also beheaded in the Tower in 1536. Her ghost has been spotted on many occasions, sometimes carrying her head, on Tower Green and in the Tower Chapel Royal.
Other ghosts of the Tower include those of Henry VI, Thomas a Becket and Sir Walter Raleigh. One of the most gruesome ghost stories connected with the Tower of London describes death of the Countess of Salisbury. According to one account, "the Countess was sentenced to death in 1541 following her alleged involvement in criminal activities (although it is now widely believed that she was probably innocent). After being sent struggling to the scaffold, she ran from the block and was pursued until she was hacked to death by the axe man." Her execution ceremony has been seen re-enacted by spirits on Tower Green.

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3. Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary has become a favorite destination for ghost hunters as well as the public at large since it has been opened to tours.
Built in 1829, the imposing Gothic structure was originally designed to hold 250 inmates in solitary confinement. At the height of its use, however, as many as 1,700 prisoners were crammed into the cells. Like many such places of high emotional stress, misery and death, the prison has become haunted.
One of its most famous inmates was none other than Al Capone, was was incarcerated there on illegal weapons possession in 1929. During his stay, it is said that Capone was tormented by the ghost of James Clark, one of the men Capone had murdered in the infamous St. Valentine's Day massacre.
Other reported haunting activity includes:
  • A shadow-like figure that scoots quickly away when approached.
  • A figure that stands in the guard tower.
  • An evil cackling reportedly comes from cellblock 12.
  • In cellblock 6, another shadowy figure has been seen sliding down the wall.
  • Mysterious, ghostly faces are said to appear in cellblock 4.
Unfortunately, not all of these cells are open to the public, even on the tours.


4. The Queen Mary

This grand old ship is quite haunted, according to the many people who have worked on and visited the craft. Once a celebrated luxury ocean liner, when it ended its sailing days the Queen Mary was purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1967 and transformed into a hotel. The most haunted area of the ship is the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death trying to escape a fire. Knocking and banging on the pipes around the door has been heard and recorded by numerous people. In what is now the front desk area of the hotel, visitors have seen the ghost of a "lady in white."
Ghosts of children are said to haunt the ship's pool. The spirit of a young girl, who allegedly broke her neck in an accident at the pool, has been heard asking for her mother or her doll. In the hallway of the pool's changing rooms is an area of unexplained activity. Furniture moves about by itself, people feel the touch of unseen hands and unknown spirits appear. In the front hull of the ship, a specter can sometimes be heard screaming - the pained voice, some believe, of a sailor who was killed when the Queen Mary collided with a smaller ship.


5. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The original Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a two-story wooden structure, was opened in 1910, but the larger brick and concrete structure as it stand today was completed in 1926. The hospital was always dedicated to the treatment of tuberculosis patients, a disease that was fairly common in the early 20th Century.
It is estimated that as many as 63,000 people died as the sanatorium. Those deaths coupled with the reports of severe mistreatment of patients and highly questionable experiments and procedures are ingredients for a haunted location.

Ghost investigators who have ventured into Waverly have reported a host of strange paranormal phenomena, including voices of unknown origin, isolated cold spots and unexplained shadows. Screams have been heard echoing in its now abandoned hallways, and fleeting apparitions have been encountered.


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6. The Whaley House

The Whaley House
Located in San Diego, California, the Whaley House has earned the title of "the most haunted house in the U.S." Built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley on land that was partially once a cemetery, the house has since been the locus of dozens of ghost sightings. Author deTraci Regula relates her experiences with the house: "Over the years, while dining across the street at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, I became accustomed to noticing that the shutters of the second-story windows [of the Whaley House] would sometimes open while we ate dinner, long after the house was closed for the day. On a recent visit, I could feel the energy in several spots in the house, particularly in the courtroom, where I also smelled the faint scent of a cigar, supposedly Whaley's calling-card. In the hallway, I smelled perfume, initially attributing that to the young woman acting as docent, but some later surreptitious sniffing in her direction as I talked to her about the house revealed her to be scent-free."
Some of the other ghostly encounters include:
  • The spirit of a young girl who was accidentally hanged on the property.
  • The ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson, a thief who was clubbed to death and who can be heard on the house's stairway where he died, and has sometimes been seen during tours of the old house.
  • The red-haired daughter of the Whaley's sometimes appears in such a realistic form; she is sometimes mistaken for a live child.
Famed psychic Sybil Leek claimed to have sensed several spirits there, and renowned ghost hunter Hanz Holzer considered the Whaley to be one of the most reliably haunted structures in the United States.


7. Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is most famous for the ghost of  "the Brown Lady," which was captured on film in 1936 in what is considered one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever taken. The Unexplained Site describes one of the first encounters with the spirit: "The first known sighting happened during the 1835 Christmas season. Colonel Loftus, who happened to be visiting for the holidays, was walking to his room late one night when he saw a strange figure ahead of him. As he tried to gain a better look, the figure promptly disappeared. The next week, the Colonel was again came upon the woman. He described her as a noble woman who wore a brown satin dress. Her face seemed to glow, which highlighted her empty eye sockets."


8. The White House

That's right, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. is not only home to the current President of the United States, it also is home of several former presidents who occasionally decide to make their presences known there, despite the fact that they are dead. President Harrison is said to be heard rummaging around in the attic of the White House, looking for who knows what. President Andrew Jackson is thought to haunt his White House bedroom. And the ghost of First Lady Abigail Adams was seen floating through one of the White House hallways, as if carrying something.
The most frequently sighted presidential ghost has been that of Abraham Lincoln. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated she believed she felt the presence of Lincoln watching her as she worked in the Lincoln bedroom. Also during the Roosevelt administration, a young clerk claimed to have actually seen the ghost of Lincoln sitting on a bed pulling off his boots. On another occasion, while spending a night at the White House during the Roosevelt presidency, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was awakened by a knock on the bedroom door. Answering it, she was confronted with the ghost of Abe Lincoln staring at her from the hallway. Calvin Coolidge's wife reported seeing on several occasions the ghost of Lincoln standing with his hands clasped behind his back, at a window in the Oval Office, staring out in deep contemplation toward the bloody battlefields across the Potomac.


9. The Rolling Hills Asylum

Located between Buffalo and Rochester, Rolling Hills Asylum's enormous 53,000+ sq. ft. brick building sits on a knoll in the hamlet of E. Bethany, N.Y. and has been a popular destination for ghost hunters for many years. Opened on January 1, 1827 and originally named The Genesee County Poor Farm, it was created by Genesee County to house those eligible for assistance including paupers, habitual drunkards, lunatics, the blind, lame or otherwise handicapped, orphans, widows, vagrants, and even a murderer or two. In the 1950s it became the Old County Home & Infirmary, and then in the 1990s was transformed into a set of shops and later an antiques mall. When the property owners, vendors and shoppers began to notice strange occurrences, a paranormal group was called into investigate and Rolling Hills' spooky reputation was born. Reports include disembodied voices, doors mysteriously held shut, screams in the night, shadow people and more. Rolling Hills Case Manager, Suzie Yencer relates one chilling experience: "It was September 2007. While working a public hunt, we had a gentleman with us that was filming a documentary about the building. He wanted to try an experiment in one of the rooms. The room he chose was in the basement, popularly known as The Christmas Room. The experiment he wanted to try was to sit in the room with no lights or equipment on. The only light we would use was a pink glow stick in the middle of a circle of people. We also placed a small ball and a toddler size rocking horse in the circle. The gentleman conducting the experiment requested that only I talk and try to make contact with the spirits. The more I talked, the more strange occurrences began to happen. The glow stick started to move back and forth, and the rocking horse began to slowly rock. A few of the guests in the room including myself saw a hand and arm come out of nowhere and reach for the ball in the circle and then just vanish...."


10. The Stanley Hotel

Brief history: Completed in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley (inventor of the Stanley Steamer automobile), this 138-guest room hotel in the Colorado Rockies is probably best known as the inspiration for Stephen King's book The Shining, which he wrote after staying at The Stanley, in room 217. King did not write the novel there, nor was the 1980 Stanley Kubrick movie filmed there, but the TV movie version of The Shining was used as the location. Today, the elegant hotel is a popular resort and destination for ghost hunters; a ghost tour is even offered to visitors.
Ghosts: Several apparitions and other phenomena have been reported throughout the hotel:
  • The ghosts of Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora have been seen dressed in formal attire on the main staircase and in other public areas, such as the lobby and the billiard room.
  • Mr. Stanley has also been spotted in the administration offices, perhaps to keep an eye on the hotel's books. The Flora's piano playing occasionally echos in the ballroom.
  • Disembodied voices and phantom footsteps have been heard in the hallways and rooms.
  • Staff and visitors have reported unseen hands yanking at their clothing.
  • More than one guest has said they have awakened to find their blankets taken from their beds and neatly folded.
  • The Earl of Dunraven, who owned the land prior to the Stanleys, is said to haunt room 407, where the aroma of his cherry pipe tobacco still can be smelled. A ghostly face has also been reported peering out of the room's window when it was not occupied.
  • Room 217, where Stephen King stayed, was the site of a tragic accident in 1911: housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was nearly killed by a gas leak explosion. Since her death in the 1950s, strange, unexplained activity is said to take place in that room, including doors opening and closing, and lights switching on and off by themselves.
  • Room 418 is the most haunted room, according to hotel staff, apparently by the ghosts of children. Guests who stay there say phantom children can be heard playing in the hallways at night. One couple complained that the noisy children kept them up all night, although there were no children staying at the hotel at the time. Impressions of bodies have been found on the bed when the room as been unoccupied.
  • The ghost of a small child who calls out to his nanny has been spotted on several occasions on the second floor -- including by Stephen King.


In case you can't tell I'm doing a more in depth look at each of the places on The 10 Most Paranormal Places post, one place at a time. :D

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The 10 Most Paranormal Places

There are certain haunted places where the restless spirits of the night linger. They manifest as eerie voices and strange perfumes; they move things about; they creep out of the shadows as apparitions. Sometimes they even attack.
These are the places, through years of experiences and unnerving reputation, that are considered the most haunted places in the world.
  1. The Myrtles Plantation
  2. The Tower of London
  3. Eastern State Penitentiary
  4. The Queen Mary
  5. Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  6. The Whaley House
  7. Raynham Hall
  8. The White House
  9. Rolling Hills Asylum
  10. The Stanley Hotel

I Present To You, Spengbab!

Mutation at it's finest. :D

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Awakening The Great Old Ones

On the night of Tuesday, 24th January 1995 e.v., when the moon was waning and in its last quarter, I performed an Invocation of the Great 0ld Ones. This was based on the research and meditations arising from my work on a Mantra for the Great Old Ones, which had in turn been stimulated by Kenneth Grant’s examination of the word ‘Tutulu’ in his book Outer Gateways. The twin foundations of my own work were two inspired texts, which despite their clearly disparate origins and purposes, had served to transmit the same deep and creative, magickal current. I refer to Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu, and to Aleister Crowley’s Liber VII, The Book of the Lapis Lazuli, in the seventh chapter of which is to be found the key mantra of Olalam Imal Tutulu.

Prior to the invocation, I finally had succeeded in devising a satisfactory form for the yantra, or Sigil of Awakening, which was derived from the component letters of the mantra, as in the method made familiar by Austin Osman Spare. Although this technique is of sublime simplicity, it is essential that the symbol evolved should be aesthetically resonant with the perceived purpose of the mantra, or spell, for it to serve as an effective vehicle of magickal energy. Several alternative forms may suggest themselves as being suitable for the same sigil; indeed, in the case of a complex spell, such as the one involved here — in which each word is itself a concentrated focus of magickal energy — it may be useful to visualise the sigil as an evolving sequence of images leading up to the most complete form of symbolic expression that is desired. This will be made more apparent in the course of the description of the invocation, but to give some preliminary indication of what is implied, the following basis may suffice.

The purpose of the mantra is to awaken the Great Old Ones, of which Cthulhu, or Tutulu, is the archetype and primary point of focus. The sigil of Tutulu alone, therefore, is the initial component in the more complex symbol of the Sigil of Awakening as a whole.

Here, the tentacles of Cthulhu, symbolised as the twin towers of Tutulu, are closed together; they await the influx of that magickal energy which will polarise them into activity and release the horizontal bar which seals the pylon of the deep, enabling the star-spawn from the sepulchres of R’lyeh to come into waking manifestation. In combination with the other elements of the Mantra of Release,-the completed sigil becomes the embodiment and celebration of this event.

Invocation of the Great Old Ones
I performed the invocation seated, at a table covered with a dark green cloth. (I was facing due north—west, but the actual, spatial orientation was not considered as being of significance in this simple rite which did not require any invocation of the Elemental Quarters, nor the casting of any Circle of Art). At the rear—centre of the table, on an oval mat, was placed a single blue-green candle; to its right was a small, brass incense burner containing ‘dark musk’ joss; and to its left was a small figurine, in green resin, of a rather spectral Cthulhu. In front of these was the Sigil of Awakening, done in black ink on white, A4 size paper. To the left were the texts to be used in the invocation, and to the right was a glass and bottle of red wine, to stimulate the senses and to provide refreshment.

At 11.30 pm, I commenced the rite by lighting the candle and the incense. Picking up my copy of The Call of Cthulhu, I read Old Castro’s account of the mythos of the Great Old Ones, of how they had come to the earth from distant stars, of their twilight existence — dead and dreaming’ — within their great city of R’lyeh, and of how it had sunk beneath the sea, and of the secret cult which had perpetuated their memory. I read the text quietly, but audibly; I was familiar with the words, and read them with a real sense of warmth and understanding. Then I subdued the electric light altogether, and focusing my gaze on the solitary candle flame, I began to repeat the incantation of Cthulhu:

Ph’nglui inglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

I continued in this until the mantra became precise and fluid in its modulation; until it had become internalised and fully resonant within my being.

When I had persisted in this for some time and my mouth had become dry, I paused for a drink of wine. Then I took my copy of Liber VII, and placing it within the small circle of light upon the table, I began to read its seventh chapter. Again, my reading was quiet, but audible, and done with the passionate intensity of invocation: enjoying the lyrical beauty of its verses and fully appreciative of the sensual richness with which they described the intimate relations between the Adept and his Holy Guardian Angel. And, although Crowley himself would have been unfamiliar with the Lovecraftian perspective of my own current mode of access to his text, I found that it blended very well with my purpose. There was, of course, the familiar sixth verse which spoke of the mighty sepulchre, and contained the ‘mantra of release’ itself; but there were other verses that aligned themselves with my intent. Of these, the most notable were:

20: Thou hast stirred in Thy sleep, 0 ancient sorrow of years! Thou hast raised Thine head to strike, and all is dissolved into the Abyss of Glory.

29: There shall be a sigil as of a vast black brooding ocean of death and the central blaze of darkness, radiating its night upon all.

At the conclusion of the reading, I made a spontaneous supplication to the Great Old Ones, addressing them as the Mighty Ancestors and calling upon them to illuminate my consciousness with the knowledge of their Ways. Then, after a pause, I began to intone the Mantra of Release:

Olalain linal Tutulu.

This was done as a slow and solemn call, remorseless in its insistence; it was in the manner of a dirge for dead Cthuihu, I soon realised. As I concentrated on the mantra, I looked directly at the candle flame, then gradually I shifted the focus of my gaze to the Sigil of Awakening. At its base, I visualised the citadel of R’lyeh emerging from the Waters of the Abyss, and rising from these were the Twin Towers of Great Cthulhu: tall and steadfast, establishing the Pylon for his emergence into the waking World of Making. Arisen within the Pylon is the Sun at Midnight, towards which is ascending the Whirling Cross of Chaos, the talisman of the Opener of the Ways. As the power of the Great Old Ones rises towards the Sky, the summits of the towers burst into flame and all is dissolved in an effulgence of light, an all-consuming ecstasy of liberation.

Persisting with the mantra, I concentrated on the sigil and closed my eyes and visualised the sigil as engraved upon the dark doorway of the tomb of Cthulhu. I changed my chant to that of the Call of Cthulhu and invoked the deep darkness within that sepulchre of night, summoning the Great Old One into the light. When I resumed the mantra it developed a more insistent tone, a quickening, more joyful rhythm that was reminiscent of a vodoun chant. This was not a conscious decision on my part, but it was clear that the mantra had become a song of celebration for the rising of Great Cthulhu. As I continued with the chant, aware of the light and the perfume of the incense, all sensations focused within a small zone of intimacy surrounded by the darkness of the night, I experienced a strong realisation of the presence of the Ancient Ones and knew that the invocation had achieved its purpose. This had only been a preliminary rite, but I felt that my choice of mantra and sigil had been fully vindicated. I poured myself another glass of wine and began to make some brief notes on the rite: it was approaching 12.45 am.

Later, still seated at the table, I turned to Lovecraft’s tale once again to read his description of "the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh," and to contemplate the implications of his highly-charged imagery. The main thrust of this is to portray the citadel of the Great Old Ones as a place that is totally alien and loathsome to human understanding, but inevitably, he is obliged to draw upon allusions which have their roots-within the cultural matrices of the human psyche, in order to achieve his aim. Thus, Lovecraft refers to "the cosmic majesty of this dripping Babylon of elder daemons," drawing upon the sexually apocalyptic vision of "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth" depicted in chapter seventeen of Revelation. But there are more subtle allusions than this, other images which opened up their ornately-crafted locks to the exploratory keys of my invocation.
I identified the "great stone pillar sticking out of the sea" with the blue-green candle upon my altar: the flickering of its solitary corpse-light representing the dark shadows of dream insinuating themselves into waking awareness. This "hideous monolith" is none other than the funerary stela of the great priest Cthulhu, rearing its-cyclopean angles to the sky. It is carved with weird designs, among which I had identified the Sigil of Awakening. Lovecraft says of the scene, that:

"The very sun of heaven seemed distorted when viewed through the polarising miasma welling out from this sea-soaked perversion..." This fusion of images reminded me of a passage in the ancient Ugaritic text known as The Tale of Aqhat:
To raise a solemn stone for ancestors,
For the departed, a sun-disk;
To draw his wraith like vapour from the earth,
And guard his shrine from impious hands. (*)For Lovecraft, the rising of R’lyeh and the liberation of Cthulhu was a cataclysmic event of menacing and unnatural proportions, which he described as "The Madness from the Sea." In contrast, the implication of my invocation was that the awakening of the Great Old Ones is a potent and transformative experience, not a manifestation of madness, but an apotheosis of the Hidden Light.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cthulhu = Totoro? :D

The last video got disabled but here's a slight twist on the same concept, plx enjoy.

For Your Enjoyment. :D

Last Video was Diabled. So above is a bit of a twist on the same concept. :D

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pukwudgie, say what?

A Pukwudgie is a 2-or-3-foot-tall (0.61 or 0.91 m) troll-like being from the Wampanoag folklore. Pukwudgies' features resemble those of a human, but with enlarged nose, fingers and ears. Their skin is described as being grey, smooth and at times has been known to glow.
In Native American lore, Pukwudgies have the following traits and abilities;
  • to appear and disappear at will
  • to transform into other animals
  • they are able to use magic
  • they have poison arrows
  • they can create fire at will
  • Pukwudgies control Tei-Pai-Wankas which are believed to be the souls of Native Americans they have killed.
Native Americans believed that Puckwudgies were best left alone. When you see a Puckwudgie you are not supposed to mess with them, or they will repay you by playing nasty tricks on you, or following you and causing trouble. They were once friendly to humans, then they turned against them. They are known to kidnap humans, push people off of cliffs, attack their victims with short knives and spears and to use sand to blind their victim.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dunwich Horror 2009

I would normally never suggest a made for TV movie to watch,but this Lovecraft tale I'll make an exception. :D This is the 2009 version of  "The Dunwich Horror".

In Louisiana, the thirty-five year old single mother Lavina delivers a baby boy and a monster in the evil Whateley House. Ten years later, Dr. Henry Armitage and his assistant Professor Fay Morgan discover that the page 751 of every copy of the Necronomicon is missing and The Black Brotherhood has summoned the gate keeper Yog Sothoth to leave the portal opened to the demons and ancient gods. They invite the arrogant and skeptical Professor Walter Rice that can translate the Necronomicon to help them to seek the book. Meanwhile Lavina's son Wilbur Whateley ages very fast and seeks the missing page to open the portal.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goat Sucker: Freak of Nature

-Chupacabra-, a small creature with some sort of spikes, or wings on its back and sharp claws and sharp front teeth found mostly in Mexico, and other parts of South America that drains all blood from farm animals, like goats. There were also some reports of missing organs from the dead animals. It hasn't been known to attack people as of yet, although nobody can say for sure it won't attack humans in the future. Chupacabra got its name from the two strange marks it leaves on the necks of its victims. Ever since its been called a Goat Sucker. My opinion is the two marks it left, were its two front teeth it use to punch two holes in the neck and suck all the blood out, just like a vampire. Chupacabra, is it a missing link to the animal like a dinosaur REX, or is it just a mutant that seems to attack only small animals to drain their blood. I think not. It seems like more and more reports of this strange creature are coming from all over the world. It means that much more then one creature exists. The point I want to make is, this creature could be an alien of some kind because it is all over the world, and mostly in places where UFO's were spotted.

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"Hello, my baby... hello, my honey... hello, my ragtime gal...."

ONE OF THE greatest Warner Bros. cartoons of all time is the one about the singing frog. A construction worker demolishing an old building finds a time capsule in the cornerstone. When he opens it, out leaps a grinning green frog, which commences to dance and sing old show tunes: "Hello, my baby... hello, my honey... hello, my ragtime gal...." The construction worker is amazed and quickly sees that this astonishing find will make his fortune. He quits his job and opens a theatre starring his talented amphibian. When the curtain rises on opening night, however, the frog just sits and croaks.
The construction worker never questions how the frog was able to sing and dance. He doesn't even question how it managed to survive so long in an airtight time capsule without food or water. But then, this is just a cartoon, right? Nothing to do with reality.
You think so? In fact, there are many documented cases of toads, frogs and other small animals inexplicably found encased within solid rock - alive! Granted, they do not sing or dance, but these amphibious enigmas are one of the most perplexing mysteries of geology. Here are some of those cases:
  • Toad in a stone. In 1761, Ambroise Pare, physician to Henry III of France, related the following account to the Annual Register: "Being at my seat near the village of Meudon, and overlooking a quarryman whom I had sent to break some very large and hard stones, in the middle of one we found a huge toad, full of life and without any visible aperture by which it could get there. The laborer told me it was not the first time he had met with a toad and the like creatures within huge blocks of stone."
  • Toad in limestone. In 1865, the Hartlepool Free Press reported that excavators working on a block of magnesium limestone taken from about 25 feet underground near Hartlepool, England, discovered a cavity within the stone that contained a live toad. "The cavity was no larger than its body, and presented the appearance of being a cast of it. The toad's eyes shone with unusual brilliancy, and it was full of vivacity on its liberation. It appeared, when first discovered, desirous to perform the process of respiration, but evidently experienced some difficulty, and the only sign of success consisted of a 'barking' noise, which it continues to make invariably at present on being touched. The toad is in the possession of Mr. S. Horner, the president of the Natural History Society, and continues in as lively a state as when found. On a minute examination of its mouth is found to be completely closed, and the barking noise it makes proceeds from its nostrils. The claws of its fore feet are turned inwards, and its hind ones are of extraordinary length and unlike the present English toad. The toad, when first released, was of a pale colour and not readily distinguished from the stone, but shortly after its colour grew darker until it became a fine olive brown."
  • Toad in a boulder. Around the same time, an article in Scientific American related how a silver miner named Moses Gaines found a toad inside a two-foot diameter boulder. The article stated that the toad was "three inches long and very plump and fat. Its eyes were about the size of a silver cent piece, being much larger than those of toads of the same size as we see every day. They tried to make him hop or jump by touching him with a stick, but he paid no attention." A later article in Scientific American said: "Many well authenticated stories of the finding of live toads and frogs in solid rock are on record."
  • Lizard revives. In 1821, Tilloch's Philosophical Magazine wrote how David Virtue, a stone mason, was working on a large chunk of rock that had come from about 22 feet below the surface when "he found a lizard embedded in the stone. It was coiled up in a round cavity of its own form, being an exact impression of the animal. It was about an inch and a quarter long, of a brownish yellow color, and had a round head, with bright sparkling projecting eyes. It was apparently dead, but after being about five minutes exposed to the air it showed signs of life. It soon ran about with much celerity."
  • Toad and lizard in solid rock. During World War II, a British soldier was working with a team in the quarrying of stone for making roads and filling in bomb craters. They often used explosives to crack open the rock. After one such detonation, the soldier pried a stone slab away from the quarry face when he saw "in a pocket in the rock a large toad and beside it a lizard at least nine inches long. Both these animals were alive, and the amazing thing was that the cavity they were in was at least 20 feet from the top of the quarry face."
  • Live toads and frogs have also popped out from inside impossible tight and enclosed spaces within trees that were being cut open:
    • Toad in an elm tree. The French Academy of Sciences published an account in a 1719 edition of it Memories of the felling of a large elm tree. In the exact center of the trunk, about four feet above the root, was found "a live toad, middle-sized but lean and filling up the whole vacant space."
    • 68 toads in a tree. The Uitenhage Times of South Africa in 1876 printed the experience of timbermen who were cutting a tree into planks, when deep inside of it a hole was found containing 68 small toads, each about the size of a grape. "They were of a light brown, almost yellow color, and perfectly healthy, hopping about and away as if nothing had happened. All about them was solid yellow wood, with nothing to indicate how they could have got there, how long they had been there, or how they could have lived without food, drink, or air."
    Odder still, it is not just natural stone and trees in which these impossibles occur:
    • Toad in a plaster wall. When a castle wall was being demolished in September 1770, a live toad was plucked from the solid plaster. That wall had stood undisturbed for more than 40 years.
    • Frogs in a concrete floor. Renowned biologist Julian Huxley received a letter from a gas fitter in Devonshire, England, who had broken up some concrete flooring to install some pipe extensions: "My mate was at work with a sledge hammer when he dropped it suddenly and said, 'That looks like a frog's leg.' We both bent down and there was the frog. [The] sledge was set aside and I cut the rest of the block carefully. We released 23 perfectly formed but minute frogs which all hopped away to the flower garden."
    • Turtle in concrete. In 1976, a Fort Worth, Texas construction crew was breaking up some concrete they had set just a year before. Within the broken concrete, a living green turtle was found in an air pocket that matched the shape of the creature's body. If it had somehow got in when the concrete was poured a year earlier, how did it survive over that time? Ironically, the poor turtle died a few days after its release.
    There are no easy explanations for these incredible anecdotes. Those who found the creatures nearly always state that there was no discernable way - no small hole, crack, or fissure - by which they could have gotten into these pockets inside the rock. And the pockets are always about the exact size of the animals within - some even bearing an impression of the animal, as if the rock had been cast around it. Even if a fertilized egg of a toad or frog had somehow seeped into the rock cavity, what did it live on? What did it eat, drink and breathe to grow, in some cases, to full size? Being unable to move inside the rock, how did its muscles develop so that it could hop away upon being released? Geologists tell us that rock is formed over thousands of years. How old are these animals?
    The most incredible of such anecdotes was recorded in 1856 in France. Workmen laboring in a tunnel for a railway line were cutting through Jurassic limestone when a large creature stumbled out from inside it. It fluttered its wings, made a croaking noise and dropped dead. According to the workers, the creature had a 10-foot wingspan, four legs joined by a membrane, black leathery skin, talons for feet, and a toothed mouth. A local student of paleontology identified the animal as a pterodactyl!


Monday, November 1, 2010

A Couple Paranormal Short Stories

Hope everyone had a great Halloween Weekend. Thought I'd start off November with a couple paranormal stories. These are really short just to get everyone back into the swing of things around here. :D

The Visitor
Between 1981 and 1983 I was living in a small apartment with my newlywed husband. The bedroom was furnished with a bedroom suite that belonged to my great-grandmother. My husband was a night owl and I had to get to work early the next day, so I went to bed without him. I have always had a difficult time falling asleep. It's normal for me to toss, turn and twitch for up to half an hour before dropping off. I mention this because I want you to know I was not asleep at this time. I turned over in bed, opened my eyes and saw an old man - really ancient - dressed in some kind of a white robe, standing in the corner of my bedroom. He didn't speak, but smiled at me, raised his hand and pointed to the door of the bedroom. Taking that as an indication for action on my part, I proceeded to run. I ran out of the bedroom, down the hallway and was headed for the front door. My husband caught me. I hit his outstretched arm so hard my feet flew out in front of me and I landed on my rump in the middle of the living room. The final part of this story comes years later. I was at an aunt's house and she was showing me pictures of the family. She was unaware of what happened at my apartment. She asked if I would like to see a picture of my great-grandmother (the woman who owned the bedroom suite) and her brother. The brother in the picture was the man I saw in my bedroom! I have no desire to repeat the experience, but I often wonder what would have happened if I had recognized him and spoke to him. I have never felt threatened by the incident, just startled. I think maybe he may have been trying to tell me something. Since that marriage turned out to be disastrous and ended in a messy divorce, perhaps that was it.

My First Ghost Sighting
My first visit with a ghost did not really seem scary at all, when I think back on it. I was playing in a garden area shared by my family and the neighbors. Ed, the master of the house next door, approached me and began a conversation. I was surprised to see him as I had been told he had "left" - my parents delicate way of stating that he had died. He was dressed in a white shirt, dress pants and a straw hat - his Sunday best. I said hi to Ed and expressed concern as to the length of time since our last visit. He seemed bothered that he could no longer walk the path between our farms, something he had always done while alive. He said he didn't know when he would be back to do that as his farm was a lot bigger now. I told him that if he wanted that I would do that for him. He seemed pleased. So early next morning I started a task I expected to last forever. At week's end, my parents questioned me as to what I was doing. When I told them the story, I don't think my dad believed me.

Can See The Dead
I've been interested in ghosts/spirits and other paranormal activities for years. My mother was (and still is) very spiritual. For some time now, I seem to be able to receive or detect these "ghosts" to the point where I can technically communicate with them. This started when I was about 10. For years I thought it was just a very good imagination mixed with a boring life which resulted in some kind of hallucination. I would get a feeling like a very mild burning sensation to my face in very precise spots on my forehead, usually "pointing" toward where the ghosts should be. I do not see things, I feel them. I am able to follow their movements and get a picture of what they look like. The day came where this took on a whole new meaning for me. One day I was in a bookstore with my mom. I saw something in there - a women dressed in white with long black hair. I just kept on walking. She was obviously happy and smiling and had nothing to say to me. I walked toward the counter where my mom was talking to the owners. The man looked at me and said, "You saw someone, didn't you? A women in white, I bet." I was kind of shocked, but at the same time wanted to know more. I just replied, "Yeah... errrrrrrr." And he just said, "Yeah, she's been there for as long as we have been here, and over here is her friend..." He was pointing to the back of the store where he invited me. I walked in and he asked what I saw: a man also wearing only white clothes. I told him this and he just smiled, explaining how he felt they were looking over the store. That's where my years of hallucinations turned into years of seeing the dead. 

Forsaw An Accident
I was up early on a Saturday morning because my then 12-year-old daughter was going to be having a party that afternoon. As I was picturing our yard to plan a treasure hunt, I immediately "knew" that my daughter would fall down the steps beside the house and hurt her foot. It was a feeling that was unexplainable - I just had a knowing feeling that it would happen. I made a mental note to watch her carefully and not let her out of my sight. About noon, as the guests were arriving, I was watching her in our dining room, then I went to take pizza out of the oven when I heard the door slam and heard her crying. Yes - she had gone outside while I was in the kitchen, fallen on the steps and she broke a bone in her foot. She was in cast for weeks. Strange, but true - and I don't even believe in the paranormal.


I planning on posting more this evening so stay tuned. :D