Friday, October 15, 2010

A Couple of Really Short Stories

Snakes Anyone?

Next time you have that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, think about this story. Yeter Yildirim, a 15 year old Turkish girl, had suffered from stomach pains for over five years. They were a constant torment to the girl. She had gone from a happy girl with lots of friends to a lonesome girl who suffered sever head aches and stomach pain. Her family was shunned by suspicious villagers in their little farming community. Eventually Yeter's family moved 80 miles away because they were being persecuted by the town. As her symptoms worsened, her family finally took her to a hospital.
The doctors x-rayed her and went to talk to her parents. They matter-of-factly stated that there would be no problem removing the snakes from the young girls stomach. "What snakes??" asked her shocked parents.
The x-rays showed three snakes living in the girl's stomach, water snakes that she had apparently swallowed as eggs while drinking from a stream. They hatched and lived there for 5 years before being discovered as the cause of her sickness. They were slightly thicker than string and about a foot long. She was fine after they were removed.


Do They Leave Ectoplasm Behind?

Ghostly lovers have been recorded for a while, even in films such as the movie The Entity with Barbara Hershey. Whether they are real or the fantasy of lonely women, you may never know. Unless you have one visit you some dark, cold night!
  • Mrs. June of Marke-by-Sea, (near Redcar, Yorkshire England), a mature woman with a 10 year old son, became obsessed with her Ouija board. This lead, in turn, to automatic writing, the entity she had contacted being a long dead spirit called "Leonardo". He may be dead, but he still knew how to write a good love letter, Mrs. June claimed. He even claimed to have wanted a child with her. A few weeks after the automatic writing had started, Mrs. June saw a floating shadow above her bed and felt her bed clothes move. Leonardo had arrived, and was, it seemed, furious over her use of birth control pills. This doesn't seem to have dampened Leonardo's lust much, claims Mrs. June. She was quoted as saying" I would feel his presence, even his strength of feeling when he wanted to make love. He was a competent lover and must have been on earth as well. But human love is more satisfying. With spiritual love, there is no warmth of flesh."Reville, March 24, 1978
  • Jenny Price,20, of Shebley Lane, Wedley Castle, Birmingham UK, claimed complete  satisfaction with her ghostly lover. Her family had known that the house they lived in was haunted but had never told Jenny about it. The first approach was to the elder daughter, Lorraine, but it merely touched her shoulder. Then, one night while Jenny was sitting up in bed she felt invisible hands around her neck. With great strength the hands pushed her down onto the bed. So frightened was Jenny that she couldn't scream. She thought the ghost was going to strangle her but suddenly realized that it had other intentions. After that, she was afraid to go to bed in case the attack was repeated, and a week later, it was.  She soon realized that the ghost meant her no harm, however, and soon she started looking forward to it's visits. They soon started taking place as often as three times  week. Three years past and the ghost still visited. The biggest problem was how to get Jenny out of bed since she stayed there constantly, waiting for her ghostly lover. Her mother, Olive, tried to get in on the action by sleeping in Jenny's bed for a week but the ghost never showed up for her.   Olive had asked the local vicar what he thought about the visits, if they were immoral. The vicar replied that ghosts probably weren't bothered with morals so it was alright.


Raining Cats and Frogs?

Okay, so it may  not be raining cats but it definitely rains frogs occasionally and it's been reported all over the world. You may have seen it rain frogs on such TV shows as The X-Files. The most likely explanation made by meteorologists is that a near-by wind storm sucked them up and after moving them many miles, spits them back out again. You decide for yourself where these little guys come from.
  • In the summer of 1926, a young caddie at a local golf course recorded this "frog fall". here had been a drought that summer and the fairways were brown and dried up. One afternoon, a sudden storm came up and a terrific thunderstorm followed. Rain came down in torrents and with it frogs about the size of nickels. They were alive and jumping and there were thousands of them. The golfers and the young man couldn't believe their eyes as they watched thousands of frogs rain down from the sky.W.A. Walker, Evansville Indiana (Camden, Arkansas News 1-2-1973.
  • "I was raised on a farm in Minnesota, and as a boy, I remember a storm coming up. It looked serious, so we ran to the cellar. Afterwards we went outside and saw our chickens eating tiny frogs and fishes!"F.J. McManus, Laguna Beach, California
  • "About 35 years ago while I was driving through a thunderstorm near Hershey,Pennsylvania, dozens of tiny frogs came down and pelted the hood of my automobile."D.F. Garner, Baltimore, Maryland
  • According to the July 27th, 1981 Bedfordshire Times (Bedford, UK), a Mrs. Vida McWilliam of Bedford found her garden hopping with little frogs after a rain storm. Mrs. McWilliam wrote:
    "I can't remember the exact date but it was June of 1979. One Sunday we had a really wet day, rain lashing down and very windy! It was damp and humid the next day as well. On my patio, near the caged area for my cat, I noticed what looked like half-grown tadpoles. To my surprise, there were little green frogs everywhere! It must have rained frogs that Sunday! Later in the week my grand daughter and I went down to the garden to cut the lawn and it was amazing! The grass was covered in little green frogs and on the bushes hung spawn. We collected up the frogs and took them to the garden. All summer my grandchildren and I carefully watched them as they made a home under the potting shed. I'm afraid last year, (1980) we only had three left but they had grown to full size."


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