Friday, December 10, 2010

Black Eyed Children

There’s something wrong with these children.
They approach quietly, yet boldly. They’re young, usually teens or slightly younger. They insist on coming inside your house to use the bathroom, the telephone or just for a drink of water. But for some reason you’re afraid. Why? They’re just kids. Then you notice their eyes – black, as if the pupil had poured over its banks. You don’t let them in – or do you?
Black-eyed kids. The term has floated across cyberspace since Jan. 16, 1998 when journalist Brian Bethel first posted his chilling encounter with overly-lucid children whose eyes were coal black; not a hint of iris, nor white.
And they scared the hell out of him.
The existence of these children has since become an Internet urban legend, but is it really just that? Maybe not.

Below is a story of black-eyed kids from an anonymous reader of “From the Shadows.” I’ll call him “Bill.”
Bill was driving through Afton, Okla., a town in the northwestern part of the state on historic Route 66 just south of the Will Rogers Turnpike, when he stopped to see some old friends.
“I saw they had a new dog; a very stout dachshund,” Bill said. “I asked them about it and Michael said, ‘The weird kids left her when they left town.’”
Bill asked Michael and his wife about these “weird kids.” They told him a group of young people had knocked on their door and begged to come in and talk. The “weird kids” were driving an old van, but Michael thought it was in good shape because it didn't make noise.
“However, he and his wife felt uneasy and didn't let them in,” Bill said. A few of the kids left the van and walked the dachshund Michael and his wife ended up with. “But they didn’t seem too attached to (the dog).”
Bill asked Michael if these young people were Mormons.
“Hell, no,” Michael said. “They didn't dress right and they were junkies."
"Junkies?" Bill asked.
"Yeah,” Michael said. “Their pupils were huge."
The kids’ eyes were solid black. Looking into their eyes was like staring into a void.
Turned away at the door, the black-eyed kids eventually left, to the relief of Michael and his wife. Some time later, Michael saw the dachshund wandering around town, felt sorry for it, and brought it home. Michael and his wife are thankful the black-eyed kids never returned for it.

Michael’s story has disturbed Bill ever since.
“ (Jan. 18), a friend was talking about dark forces on the move and mentioned black-eyed kids,” Bill said. “I Googled it and a chill went up my spine.”
Bill contacted Michael about the information he’d found on these entities, but, like many who’ve encountered these black-eyed kids, Michael and his wife just want to forget meeting them. Their experience was terrifying.
“They don't want anything to do with an investigation,” Bill said, “or have their name made public, or really have anything to do with any further conversation about black-eyed kids.”



  1. do they still scream if you rape them?

  2. OMG there is so many stories about those kids it's hella creepy!

  3. I was reading the stories, but I've also heard of these kids before and I was freaked out - however, the stories that rang true to me the most were the stories of the children who couldn't come in - the person telling the story is always in somethign like a house or car and the children ask to be let in. ooooh so creepy

  4. When I think BEC, I can't help but crossover to this:

  5. Hey, he got a free dog! :)

  6. These are creepy. I think I saw a movie about kids like these, but every time I try to remember it I just think of that one Johny Bravo episode.
    I can't watch this in the dark.

  7. ah, they're probably just rolling. just spray some vicks in their eyes, that oughta do it