Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The 10 Most Paranormal Places

There are certain haunted places where the restless spirits of the night linger. They manifest as eerie voices and strange perfumes; they move things about; they creep out of the shadows as apparitions. Sometimes they even attack.
These are the places, through years of experiences and unnerving reputation, that are considered the most haunted places in the world.
  1. The Myrtles Plantation
  2. The Tower of London
  3. Eastern State Penitentiary
  4. The Queen Mary
  5. Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  6. The Whaley House
  7. Raynham Hall
  8. The White House
  9. Rolling Hills Asylum
  10. The Stanley Hotel


  1. Been to the tower of london, spooky stuff.

  2. LOL The White House. I bet it is!

  3. I haven't been to the Tower of London yet! I'd like to go one day, I've visited London quite a bit but never gone :(

  4. I friggin love paranormal stuff, I always try and debunk it but either way I always have a good time

  5. Thanks for the list. Might need to visit some of these.

  6. I would add Gettysburg, but that's just an opinion.

  7. Hmm my comment vanished :(

    You should look up Glamis Castle; it has a cool legend and tons of hauntings behind it! The Monster of Glamis is my favorite pseudo-urban legend ever :D

  8. The White House? Whoa. Isn't it not the original White House?

    Having been to Eastern State Pen (representing Philly here, hey-o!) I have to say that it would be much more fun to run a muck in that place. Although they have a pretty decent Halloween set-up.

  9. Derp, I used to live in Long Beach and still have not been on the Queen Mary...

    The Obama girls must be really freaked out going to sleep lol. I'd love to be the President's daughter, running around and exploring. It's also pretty awesome how a lot of these are in the US haha XD