Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Couple Stories of Ghosts

By IsisnOsiris
Date: 2007-11-20

I just moved into an apartment in August, due to a divorce... me AND my roommate have both had a "third resident" feeling ever since then. Though, his experiences are different from mine... I do have the master bedroom and I think that is where this ghost lived.
I have narrowed down the timeframe to roughly Midnight PT - 2:00AM PT. Before I noticed the activity between 1:00 am and 2:00 am. But since the winter time change, it has moved up an hour to 12:00AM to 1:00AM. Makes sense, if it is a residual haunting - the event will play back at the time it originally occurred, so the hour difference coincides with the haunting.
I can tell when it is "there" as I start to hear house settling noises, like the walls creaking. Or when someone walks, you can sometimes hear the house settling around them in response. Well, I hear that noise... But no one is around and my roommate is asleep on the other side of the apartment.
Last night, something sat on the edge of my bed. I felt the bed frame "give" a little bit. This happened 3 times. I also hear footsteps walking around the perimeter of my bed. Then they sometimes go into my bathroom which is adjoined to my room. I hear my vertical blinds tapping against each other some times. Like someone is trailing their hand across them all as they walk by. Not violent like, just light touches. I felt something touch my chin when I was laying in bed, on my back with the covers pulled up to my mouth. Like when a cat will gently paw your face... I felt something gently touch my chin through my covers.
I have heard things slump or bump in my closet, things that are neatly tucked away on shelves, that shouldn't move.
I heard a glass tip over in the sink the night before last (11/18/07) and immediately afterwards, the noises in my room started up.
I try not to be awake during these times (midnight - 2:00am), as they are very frightening, and I feel like a "sitting duck" every time it happens.
Sometime I hear someone leaning on my desk, or other little environmental disturbances. Pops, snaps, creaks, things like that.
This apartment building was built in 1981, so it isn't that old. The house settling noises ALWAYS occur at this time... And never any other time. I am very observant by nature, and like to determine a logical answer before I turn to this type of thing. But since day 1, me and my roomie have both said "do you feel something here?" and we both agreed "yes, and I definitely can tell it is male".
Any help?


By: Jwhitfi
Date: 2007-11-20

just wanted to share some things that have been going on my house with people that I knew would appreciate it. Before I start let me give you some background info. My family and I live in a very Historic Town in Central Virginia called Fredericksburg. It's really big on all of the civil war battles that happened in this area. We have lived here for over 10 years, and we've done some research on our property, although it was not a battlefield, soldiers from both sides camped out on our land on several different occasions. I believe that most of what goes on is due to poltergeist activity and not actual haunting's, but we have seen apparitions from time to time. Also, the people who owned the house before us, (the first owners) fought all the time and eventually got divorced, they left a lot of negative energy behind them when they left. Well, I have 10 years worth of experiences, but I'll try to highlight the main ones.
When we first moved in my dog refused to go in the basement, she barks and growls at the basement door at random times. One day when she was doing this, we heard a huge bang down there, it sounded like someone was throwing all of our unpacked boxes around, but when we went to investigate everything was as it should be. My dog won't go down there unless we make her, she terrified of it. The scary part about my dog barking is she's an Australian bark less dog, she never ever barks!
My mom is very musical, and she has a lot of instruments on our first floor. We hear her playing a lot when she isn't home. We've chalked it up to the walls releasing noise that they have absorbed but NEVER does it when she is around. Also the toilet in her bedroom will flush by itself when no one is up there.
Now comes the really creepy stuff... Our first floor is very open with the kitchen dining room and rec room just flowing into one another. One night we were watching TV and 2 lamps that hang on the wall in our breakfast nook flew off the wall. They didn't fall, it as if they were thrown, the cords were even yanked out of the wall. No one was in the kitchen but several people saw it happen.
One night a few months ago we were woken up in the middle of the night by all of our fire alarms going off. There was no fire, and the alarms we had didn't have a Carbon Monoxide tester. The batteries didn't need to be replaced either. After unhooking all of them from the wall and removing the batteries the alarms were still going strong. We had to wrap them in blankets and hide them in a closet in our basement so that we could go back to sleep.
My sister has seen a man in grey coat with only one arm walk through our backyard and then vanish at the property line, and when my nephew was 2, we were all in the back yard and he asked us why there was a man buried back there. When we asked him more questions about it he refused to answer, and started playing again.
One time when I was about 16, my mom and I were in the foyer fighting, full out screaming at each other, I don't even remember what it was about now. The chandelier above us started swinging back and forth really hard and 2 bulbs burst.
I have felt and seen an oppressive black shadowy figure in my room. I could move and speak when I saw it, but it frightened me so much that I didn't sleep in there until I put up protective measures. One if those measures I read about a while ago: You get glass orbs and paint the inside silver while whispering blessings over it. You then hang the orbs by every entrance to your room or home and they block out evil spirits. This actually worked until about a year ago... I felt the presence again and had to sleep on the couch, the next day when I went into my room the mounting and wires for the orbs were there but all of the orbs were missing. I never found them, they were just gone. I haven't been able to sleep in there much since, I stay at my boyfriend's or I sleep on the couch. The few times that I have stayed in there I have been plagued by horrible nightmares.
The only part that frightens me is the thing in my room. I will be completely awake when I see him. For some reason I keep wanting to call it 'him.' I don't know if most of this is poltergeist activity that my mom, my sisters, and I have created with our own energy but I know some of it we can't possibly be doing.

By: ghostlovr
Date: 2007-11-20

This story started a long time ago when we bought this house. My brother Keith was in his room sleeping when he woke up to a loud BANG. The closet door flew open and a heavy metal iron flew across the room. I didn't find out until I switched rooms with him about three years ago.
Ever since then, I hear weird noises at night and foot steps going around the house. A couple of days ago I was home alone and reading at the computer desk. My dog was sitting on the couch sleeping and then she woke up and perked her ears and looked at the stairs. At that time I heard the door to my room shut and people walking around up stairs. I was so scared that I stopped reading and called my friend and turned up the music really loud. I still heard noises.
About three weeks ago my sister was playing her violin and then the T.V. turned on by itself. One night my friend slept over and she said that she heard drawers opening and closing in the room next door. Then the same night, me and my friends heard the gate opening and closing all night! The window kept on rattling too! We were freaked out! When ever we told my mom or dad, they didn't believe us. They just told us that we were imagining things. My brother said that he could sense demons. He said that there was a wolf demon in the basement. When I have sleepovers in the basement I hear people walking around upstairs. My friends say that too! I don't know what it is so if you think you know what is going on in my house then please, tell me.



  1. Heh..."Ghosts exist, and they terrify the shit out of everyone. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!"

    Interesting stories, if not incredibly vague. It'd be easier to believe in ghosts if someone actually had documented proof, but here we are, and no one has any concrete evidence of any kind of spirits existing. At best, we have shoddy videos/photos of maybe-sort-of-probably-not ghosts.

  2. Maybe ur friend's sleep-creepin around steeling your cookies in the dead on night? *hopeful smile*



  5. Im guessing you didnt write this cause the way it started buy that was a good read :)

    Love reading shit about ghost

  6. cool stories, i believe in ghosts :)

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    Great posts.

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