Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Essentials list for surviving 2012 Apocalypse.

Must Haves for the Fall of 2012

The most efficient survival material
Essential equipment to start a mini civilization
Mountain bikes and motor cycles for the transport
Seeds of vegetables, grains and rice. Seed-potatoes
Unsinkable boats
Mini library with books about:
Principles of mathematics (algebra, space-geometry, and so on)
Elementary physics
Elementary chemistry (general and carbon chemistry)
Basic electricity
Basic electronics
Basics of anesthesia, equipment and methods
Basics of dentistry and necessary material
Biological growing of vegetables and fruit
Basics of architecture/building (raw materials to make cement, and so on)
The production of paper and ink
The production of glass
The production of soaps
Treatment and manufacturing of leather and other natural products
Simple looms and sewing machines
Cooling installations
The production of bio-diesel for diesel engines
The construction of fuel engines
The measurement of radioactivity
Radio and telephone equipment
Wooden abacuses
Windmills for the production of electricity
Detailed maps of the whole world
Maps to locate minerals, oils and so on
Accurate mechanical clocks
Lenses and corrective optometry for glasses
Paints and coatings
Welding techniques
Blueprint for building boats
Musical instruments and library with musical compositions
Ammunition powder and explosives
Last but not least, DON'T FORGET THE WOMEN!


  1. Jesus i was half asleep this morning, yes 2012.

  2. hmm, maybe I should print this out

  3. unless u move to somewhere virtually untouchable by mother nature, its just a waste to buy all that stuff haha what are u gonna do with it, carry it around in a flood/hurricane/solarstorm etc....load a bunker and pray to god it doesnt get flooded :)

  4. Nothing of significance will happen in 2012, why all this hassle? The mayans just thought it was too boring to make all those stone carved calendar pages...

  5. Never forget the women. Maybe the apocalypse is when I will finally get laid. Only 2 more years....only 2 more years...

  6. i don't think it will be an apocalypse.. but the rise of the new era
    when the families who run the world hidden will began to work at front and etc
    we will have WW3 soon fellows.
    and it will be all against the jews.

  7. glad to see that you are beating inertia today!

  8. Gonna have to keep this in mind.

  9. Pottery?? Wooden abacuses?? They'd take up too much space, and they can be easily replicated from scratch, I believe...

    Everything but that, is probably right...

  10. Need to print this shit and start preparing :D

  11. The apocalypse won't happen, and if it did then a swift bullet to the brain is a good remedy!

  12. thanks for the comments on my blog... you've got some great content on yours too!

  13. Kind of excited to see what happens/doesn't happen in 2012...

    showing lurve.

  14. to be honest kind of hope this 2012 thing happens, just because it would be an interesting moment in history to be a part of (being the people that were alive during the destruction of everything).

    supporting you, support back at:

  15. 300 in welding
    300 in jewel crafting and prospecting. I'm set.

  16. @ BigBear...That's fuckin' hilarious. :D

  17. keep it fresh


  18. I've been putting together a survival tin and still own the copy of the SAS survival handbook I've had since I was 10. Still need some tuning though because the first time I caught a fish with the fishing kit the line broke. That thing must have been a foot long haha.

    Still need my mosin nagant and I'll be set.