Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Yeti - Origins

The Yeti- Origins

Among the Himalayas, there is a legend about a mythical creature called the “Yeti”, or better known to many as the “Abominable Snowman”. According to the legend, this “Abominable Snowman” is described as being over six feet tall in height, and is famous for its characteristic “big feet”, which are said to measure around 20 inches long in length. Because of this distinguishable characteristic, the name “Bigfoot” was coined. Since we have yet to confirm actual proof of this creature’s existence, we can only rely on eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot sightings and encounters. A list has been compiled from the information taken out of these Bigfoot eyewitness accounts:

Physical and Distinguishing Characteristics

• Six feet or taller, in normal standing height
• Feet measuring at least 20 inches in length
• Facial features that are similar to a human face
• Large, heavy build, with excessive growth of body hair or fur.
• Hair or fur that is dark brown, or reddish brown in color
• Emanates strong odors, described to be as- “pungent” or “musty” in aroma. In other words, terrible smelling.
• Communicates using the following sounds and noises- moans, whistles, cries, clicking, and grunts.
• Known to travel in groups, or pairs of at least two. Speculators believe that they travel with companions while in search for food supply.
• Eat a diet that mainly consists of both vegetation and animal meat.
• Many believe that the “Sasquatch” variety posses telepathic abilities and powers.
• Other known aliases of Bigfoot- in Asian provinces, better known to villagers as the “Yeti”; and in Florida, known as “Sasquatch”, originally named by native Indians occupying the area.

Origins of Bigfoot

There is no proof as to where Bigfoot first originated- whether he actually came from the Asian content, and migrated to the Florida keys over time, or if colonies of Bigfoot existed all around the world. The most common speculation is that Bigfoot is actually derived from the Yeti, who is of Asian descent. That the Yeti species (who are built to survive in cold climates and atmospheres) are actually very intelligent creatures that evolved from Neanderthal lines of ancestry.

Yet for the extraterrestrial fantasists, they believe that the Yeti are life forms from another planet, who landed here on Earth. In one such case, there were reports of unusual activities involving cattle mutilations in Florida and other countries south of the equator. Local citizens and town folk attribute these gruesome activities as acts performed by none other than Sasquatch. Yet there are others who take the legend of Bigfoot a step further, by adding the possibility that Bigfoot was actually created from some top secret government experiment. It goes on to say that genetic experiments were being conducted, crossing human DNA with extraterrestrial DNA, which resulted in the creation of Bigfoot.

Yet, who is to say that Bigfoot really doesn’t exist? With generations of people from all around the globe coming forth to tell their versions and stories of Bigfoot encounters, it’s nearly impossible to discredit the existence of this legendary being. In an apparent sighting by Maj. Laurence Austine Waddell of the Indian Army Medical Corps, his written account speaks of a trail of Yeti footprints in the snow. This visual account is logged at an elevation of 17,000 feet in northeastern Sikkim, 1889. Waddell published this account in an 1899 book entitled, Among the Himalayas.

Burden of Proof
Despite efforts in gathering sufficient amounts of evidence to establish Bigfoot as a creature of reality, versus a creature of legend and folklore, there are more skeptics than believers in this world. Regardless of the amounts of physical evidence collected throughout the years- photographs, footprint castings, film records, and even body parts- the results still remain inconclusive. For some of the hardcore believers seeking acknowledgement from the world that Bigfoot does in fact exist, a few have gone as far as staging fake “Bigfoot” sightings to stir up further controversy and to cash in on the public’s interest. It’s fair to conclude that Bigfoot- a.k.a. the Yeti, Abominable Snowman, has intrigued a population of believers and skeptics alike, and allows us to maintain a sense of naked hope that there are still remote areas left in this world which remain untouched by outside influences.


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