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The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Location/Date: Cooksville, Maryland - 1973 - 7:00 pm

Mike Shea was driving towards Olney, MD to meet a friend when about 15 minutes outside of Baltimore he noticed a beam of light strike a barn 150 feet from his car. He then saw a huge hovering object with a ring of alternating red & yellow lights. The object was totally silent. When the beam of light shut off Shea became fearful. He felt something coming up behind him. Suddenly he saw the object overhead and felt an electric current running down his spine. The next thing he knew he was feeling quite relaxed and was approaching his destination. He had somehow lost two hours of time.

Years later under hypnotic regression he remembered seeing four figures standing at the side of the road. He then realized the figures were creatures dressed in a black kind of plastic armor. They had black faces and appeared to be wearing helmets with a line down the middle that came to a point. The beings looked like huge grasshoppers with long arms and bowed legs. Three of the creatures were large. The fourth one was small and wore a black silky suit with a zipper up the front, somehow this being seemed "ancient" to the witness. He then saw a large shiny craft hovering nearby emitting a low whirring sound and a smaller craft on the ground. Eventually he was taken inside one of the crafts, put on a table, and examined. Various organic samples were collected from his body.

Source: Patrick Huyghe, The Field Guide To Extraterrestrials



Location/Date Near Ceballos, Chihuahua, Mexico - Winter 1974 - dusk

A clergyman camping in an isolated and mysterious area called "La Zona Del Silencio" was preparing his tent when he heard a buzzing and saw a bright glowing object descending from the sky. The witness wanted to run but could not move as the object drew closer and hovered briefly above the desert floor. The object's light changed from a whitish blue to a red orange. Moments later the object dimmed and the outline of a metallic disc shaped object came into view.

The witness stood paralyzed as three tripod legs extracted out of the lower part of the object, the object then landed. Seconds later a door appeared in the side of the craft and a stairway descended to the ground. Four figures then stepped out. They were described as humanoid about five-foot tall. Their bodies were encased in a shiny metallic suit totally seamless. They were of stocky build with almond shaped eyes, a sharp nose, leathery skin, and a tanned complexion. The beings approached the witness in very quick movements and communicated with the witness in English asking him several questions mostly about his business in the area. They also mentioned a "God."

The witness was then invited onboard the object and shown a large interior with several control panels and a device was placed on his head. Later he was released and the object retracted its tripod, started glowing, and then took off emitting a loud humming sound.

Source: Warren Smith, Ancient Mysteries of The Mexican And Mayan Pyramids



Location/Date: Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada - May 18 2000 - 10:30 pm

The witness was walking his dog along Mackenzie Road when he noticed an orange/red glow just at the end of the road. He shone his flashlight at it and an object started to rise. The object was described as spherical, only about 1.5 feet to 2 feet across, and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orange glow was a band around the middle extending to the outside edges of the sphere. The sphere appeared to have two black or dark half moons on the top and bottom. There were two connecting sections between the top and the bottom. The craft rose quickly at a sharp angle. When it was almost past the witness he shone the flashlight at it but it disappeared.

As the witness arrived home his dog barked continuously and ran back and forth, the witness looked around but did not see anything. Two days later the witness was to remember that when he first shone the flashlight at the sphere, he saw a pair of green eyes, set fairly far apart and below the sphere. Then he remembered seeing a dark figure that appeared to be crawling away from the glowing sphere. It seemed to be on its knees and elbows and appeared to have difficulty moving, almost dragging the feet area. The head was above the arms but the witness did not have its light on it and did not see any features.

Source: UFO BC



Location/Date: North Wales (no exact location) - May 1998 - after midnight

The witness remembers waking up on a black dentist-like chair with a woman standing over him. She looked very human and if he were to describe her she looked like a “perfect human”. She had jet-black hair in what the witness described as a “bun”. She was wearing an all in one black suit and she also seemed to have a black collar as well. The material was similar to PVC and shiny. He doesn’t remember if there were any markings or patterns on the suit but the witness does remember that she had black lipstick on.

The woman disappeared into a room that was behind the “dentist’s chair” to the right of the witness. The chair seemed to be situated away from the front part of the room in an open but separate part of the room. The room seemed to have carpet, brown in color. His next memory was of being sat next to 4 or 5 people, they were all men. The men were different from the women and they had blond hair and were wearing light blue suits. There were about 4 or 5 of them and four of the men looked identical, again very human like in appearance. But one of the men looked different but he like the others was wearing the same clothing and had the same hair color. Again their clothing seemed to be one-piece. However the witness seems to recall that they had a yellow V-shape on the front going from one shoulder down to the chest and back up to the other shoulder. The line seemed to be an inch thick.

These men sat in front of what appeared to be machinery with orange flashing lights. Only one of the men spoke to him, the others seemed to be busy. The one that spoke to the witness was the one that was different from the others. The controls seemed to be in front of what appeared to be windows and he remembered the room being a half circle. There were windows next to each other right across the room outside was black. One of the blond men spoke to the witness orally, but he could not reply, the man appeared to be able to read the witness thoughts. He could not recall most of the conversation but remembered thinking about Australia for some unknown reason. His next memory was of looking through the windows at a coastline, but he was viewing it from the sea.

Then the woman that he had previously met seemed to appear again from another room, and said that the men should not talk to him and that it was time for him to leave. His next memory was of sitting on his bed looking out the window for some strange reason. After a week after this experience he developed an infection in the roof of his mouth, it finally developed into a cyst that’s still there today.

Source: UFO Casebook



Location.Date: Harsby, Ostergotland, Sweden - June 12 1956 - 7:00 pm

Mrs Brita Raninger sat beneath an oak meditatingwhen she heard a monotonous buzzing sound and saw an object which looked like a flat plate resting on a glade about 150-200 meters away. It had a cupola and was shimmering with a blue green color. The diameter was about 4.5 m and it was 120-130 cm in height.

Then she saw a couple of Mongol-like “beautiful and slender” creatures running around the object. They were about 150 cm tall and dressed in shining green, tight fitting coveralls, uniform like and made out of a material similar to leather. They had no hoods, but their long, black, and curly hair fell on their shoulders. They moved swiftly around the object and when one of them turned around and stared at the witness, she felt as though hypnotized. She got the impression, maybe by telepathy that they had landed to repair the vehicle. The witness was not afraid but was somewhat shaken and felt stiff.

10-12 minutes later the creatures ran into the object where their faces were seen in the cupola, smiling. A strong buzzing sound was heard and the object took off circling slowly at first, then shot away like a rocket. The object left an acrid smell of phosphorus in the glade. A few weeks later a friend found a round circle in the glade where the grass was scorched and burnt.

Source: Sven Olof Svensson


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